Top 5 Most Popular Shed Styles

Shopping for a shed can be overwhelming. With so many different size options and customizations, it can be difficult to decide which shed is right for your property. Most customers who are shopping for a new shed have a few main requirements: The shed has to have enough space to accommodate their hobby or equipment storage needs. It has to be a style that flows with the aesthetics of their outdoor space. It has to be sturdy and well-built so it last for years to come. Finally, they want a shed that is reasonably priced, while still offering quality that will deliver a good return on investment (ROI).

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At Sunrise Structures, we’ve been building and delivering custom sheds in a range of styles for over blank years. In today’s blog, we’ll be walking you through some of the most popular shed styles for customers in Lancaster County, PA & beyond — and help you find the perfect shed to check all your boxes!

Our Top 5 Backyard Shed Ideas

One of the first things to consider before purchasing a shed is quality. A shed that meets all your other requirements doesn’t do you much good if it needs replaced in a few years due to poor craftsmanship. That’s why we recommend an Amish shed to anyone shopping for a shed in the Lancaster, PA area. With a tradition of quality workmanship spanning centuries, you can be sure your Amish shed will be built to last — allowing you to focus on the style of your shed, rather than its durability.

Here are the most popular shed styles in the Central & Eastern Pennsylvania area:

Dutch Barn Shed

amish dutch barn shed in pa

For customers looking for more traditional backyard shed ideas, the Dutch barn shed is the perfect fit. With a more conservative, barn-like style, this shed blends with nearly every property type, while also offering the rustic appeal of traditional Amish barns. Additionally, this shed comes with overhead storage space, making it the perfect fit for customers looking to store a large number of tools and equipment.

Classic Studio Dormer Shed

tan and green classic studio dormer

If you’re looking for a shed that adds style in addition to space & functionality, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic studio dormer shed. These sheds feature ample space for storage, but their elegant appearance makes them a great fit for hobby sheds, man caves, she-sheds and more. If you’re looking for a structure that will elevate your outdoor space, it’s hard to find a better backyard shed idea than the classic studio dormer. Ringing in at a slightly higher price point than other shed styles, this one is sure to add value to your home and help make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood.

A-Frame Dormer Shed

a frame dormer sketch

The A-frame dormer shed gives the appearance of a mini house right in your own backyard. This elegant shed, sometimes referred to as a Victorian shed, is perfect if you’re looking for a space to hang out as much as you are a place to store your belongings. The roofline gives this shed a unique appearance, and it blends perfectly with well-manicured and hardscaped backyards. Popular as both a storage shed and a hobby shed, the A-frame dormer can also be used as a boat house or a playhouse for children! Like the Classic studio dormer, this shed is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it offers some of the best ROI of any of our backyard shed ideas!

Mini Barn Shed

tan mini barn

Tried and true, the mini barn shed is one Sunrise Structure’s original shed designs and has remained one of our most popular shed styles for decades. Built with high-quality materials and old-fashioned Amish craftsmanship, this simple shed blends in with nearly every type of home, while delivering ample space for storage — including plenty of overhead storage space. This shed features double doors and is available with or without windows. It’s the perfect fit for customers looking for a sensible shed due to its affordability, simple style and ample space.

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Custom-Built Sheds

light blue two story custom classic cottage

If none of these backyard shed ideas offer exactly what you’re looking for, that’s okay — at Sunrise Structures, you can mix and match elements from each to build the perfect custom shed. We work closely with you to discover your vision for your shed and then we make that vision a reality — allowing you to choose your shed size, trim, color, siding and more! We also offer plenty of addons — from transom windows to gable overhangs, ramps, window boxes, cupolas and more — to guarantee a finished product that’s built to your exact specifications.

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Learn More About Our Most Popular Shed Styles

Have a question about one of our most popular shed styles? We’re here to help! At Sunrise Structures, we make it our mission to offer top-notch customer service along with quality Amish craftsmanship for every shed we create. To learn more about our process or find out about one of our backyard shed ideas, contact us today for additional information and one of our representatives will be in touch in just a few business days!

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