How A Dog’s Shed Can Become Your Pet’s Paradise

Many iconic dogs in pop culture have enjoyed dog houses, from Snoopy to Lassie. Now, YOU can custom order a shed turned into a dog house to entertain your pets and keep them safe and warm!

A dog house shed is a perfect way to balance your pet’s private time in the great outdoors with playtime inside your family’s home. Sunrise Structures offers the highest-quality Amish-built sheds with customization to fit the breed and size of your pup.

Keep reading to find out more about how a dog house shed can take your dog’s playtime to the next level or browse our collection of Amish-built sheds to find your design inspiration!

The Benefits of a Shed Turned into a Dog House

The right shed can be a durable and long-lasting design for protecting your pooch. They’re made for all weather conditions and are easy to clean regularly after your pet catches some ZZZs or enjoys playtime.

There are several unique advantages of a shed turned into a doghouse:

  • Pet-Friendly Features: When you custom-build a shed for your best friend, you can add fun features like a built-in dog bed, artificial turf, and a doggie door with a hanging tarp or burlap fabric over the entrance. You can even add noise canceling cork to make your pet comfortable with loud noises like fireworks or passing vehicles.
  • Safety: Maybe you live in an area with wet and cold seasons throughout the year. If you want to entertain company and want to give your dog a break from the company, an insulated shed can keep your pet warm and dry. For smaller dogs, a shed can also protect them from potential predators when you want to leave them outside for a few hours.
  • Pet bonding: If your little ones want to bond with your pet, you can give them special time to enter the dog house and have fun. You can even create a dedicated space with toys and treats for your kiddos to enjoy time with your fluffy friend.

Ready to take your dog’s special space to the next level?  Look no further than the dog house design experts at Sunrise Structures. Reach out to our team for a free quote on a storage shed dog house today!

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How Sunrise Structures Can Help You Build Your Climate-Controlled Dog Shed

Want a dog shed for your bestie, but you’re concerned about cold winter days and rainy afternoons? Sunrise Structures is here to help your fuzzy little friends. We offer heating and air-conditioned climate-controlled dog sheds to keep your space warm and cozy for your buddy while also keeping them protected from the elements.

Here at Sunrise Structures, we provide a wide selection of shed accessories like climate control. We can give you features like electricity and vents as well as custom designs for doors and windows with a stress-free process. You can simply order it and forget it—our team will build it and install it to your specifications.

Sunrise Structures has more than 20 years of experience helping customers like you with the legendary craftsmanship of Amish outdoor structures. We believe in hard work, integrity and, simply good products. That’s why we care about serving you and your pets with long-lasting products you can count on. Reach out to our team to get started constructing your storage shed dog house today!

Get Your Dream Amish-Built Dog House Shed From Sunrise Structures Today

A dog house shed can entertain your pets and give them a safe and fun place to play outside. Your furry friend will thank you when they visit your climate-controlled dog shed! Here at Sunrise Structures, we’re passionate about pets and the owners who build their coziest spaces. That’s why we want to connect with PA and NJ homeowners like you to provide you with the perfect outdoor shed for all your needs.

Ready to have your new shed turned into a dog house? Sunrise Structures is ready and able to help. Contact our team online today to get started with choosing your design and planning your project!

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