Does a Shed Add Value to Your Home?

If you’re considering upgrading your home with a new shed, you’ve probably wondered, “Does a shed add value to your home?” It’s a commonly asked question and understandably — a new shed is a fairly major investment, and it’s prudent for homeowners to investigate the potential return on investment (ROI) prior to pulling the plug. The short answer: yes! A shed can absolutely increase the value of your property. However, there are a few factors that will impact the amount of value a new shed can add to your home include style, condition and more.

At Sunrise Structures, our experienced Amish shed builders are dedicated craftsmen who work meticulously to build the most beautiful sheds in Lancaster County, PA. In today’s blog, we’ll explore the question, “Does a shed add value to your home?” — using our knowledge of the industry to help guide you through selecting the right shed for your property by listing the main factors impacting your shed’s ROI. For additional information, contact our team today to get a free quote on a new shed!

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5 Factors to Guarantee Your Shed Increases Your Home’s Value

Your home’s value may not be a concern right now—perhaps you recently purchased the property and intend to live there 30 years or more. However, weighing upgrade decisions is as important your first year in a new home as it is the last. That’s why we’re here with our five factors that’ll help you answer that burning question: “Does a shed increase home value?”

  1. The Shed’s Condition — This may be the single most important factor in determining the value a shed adds to your property. If you’re hoping that your home’s shed will be a selling point, it should be free of common issues — like rotting wood, leaking roofs and foundational issues — to ensure a potential buyer sees the shed as a benefit, not a detriment. To ensure your shed stays in great condition for decades, invest in a quality shed from an experienced shed dealer.
  2. Choosing the Right Style — When choosing a new shed, it’s important to pick one that comes in a style that matches your home’s aesthetics. Cottage-style sheds blend well with cottage-style homes, but may look out of place on a ranch-style property. At Sunrise Structures, we have a wide variety of quality sheds for sale in a range of different styles. No matter what you’re looking for, we can build it — custom-made for your satisfaction.
  3. Choosing the Right Color — Like style, the wrong shed color can cause the structure to blend inharmoniously with your property. While painting a shed after purchase is an option, the most efficient and inexpensive way to ensure your shed blends with your home’s color scheme is to get the right shade from the start. If you’re not sure which color to choose for your shed, lean toward neutrals — grey and blue are two particularly popular options — taking care to avoid bold pops of color like red or yellow.
  4. Choosing the Right Size — Many prospective shed buyers think about their immediate needs when purchasing a shed. Perhaps you just want a small space for hobbies or to store a limited number of items. However, a shed is a long-term investment and your storage requirements may change with time. Additionally, a larger shed will improve your home’s resale value as potential buyers will undoubtedly prefer the additional space. We believe it’s best to prepare ahead — so if you think a shed is “big enough,” chances are you should go a little bigger.
  5. Consider Curb Appeal — Rounding up our answers to the question, “Does a shed add value to your home?” is your structure’s curb appeal. The best way to improve this area is with add-ons. Customizable sheds will allow you to add window boxes, transom windows, cupolas and more. All of this will make your shed more than just an attractive structure that complements your home — it’ll give your property a more refined, luxurious aesthetic and dramatically increase its value in the process.

The Difference in Amish Quality

tan vinyl classic cottage garage

For decades, Amish barns and furniture have become synonymous with quality. It’s important to remember the answer primarily lies in craftsmanship when asking yourself, “Does a shed increase home value?” Big box retailers often manufacture low-quality products that tend to fall into disrepair after just a few years — leading to common issues like mold, leaks, rot and more.

At Sunrise Structures, we deliver superior craftsmanship with every shed we build. We are committed to integrity and believe that offering our customers a quality product — at a fair price — is part of our tradition. All our quality sheds for sale are built with the finest materials and handmade with a keen eye for detail by our meticulous team of builders. The result? A beautiful shed that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Increase Your Home’s Value with a Shed from Sunrise Structures

We hope this article helped answer the question, “Does a shed add value to your home?” If you’re interested in learning more about one of our quality sheds for sale, our team of experienced builders is standing by to answer your questions. For additional information, contact us today to receive a free quote on one of our custom sheds!


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