What Are The Benefits Of Building An Office Shed?

Working from home is something most of us are familiar with these days, but what happens when you’re looking to leave the house—but you don’t have an office space to escape to? Office sheds offer a variety of benefits and can be the best of both worlds for those looking for alternative home office ideas.

At Sunrise Structures, we’re all about matching you with a custom office shed that perfectly fits your needs. Be it a quaint outdoor getaway or a large and stylish backyard structure meant for conducting meetings and hosting clients, we’ve got the know-how to make your home office ideas come to fruition. Be sure to contact us to discuss the custom shed that will work best for you and to get the ball rolling on your new office shed!

Why Build An Outdoor Office Shed?

An outdoor office sheds can make for an excellent oasis for weary home-based workers who need to get away without leaving their property. They can also serve as studio sheds for hobbyists in need of their own spaces outside of the house. Whatever the purpose, outdoor office sheds can be a huge benefit, and here are just a few of the ways they can change the way you work:

Good Alternative To Renting Office Space: Renting your own office space can be expensive, and, if you don’t use it every day, the cost may not be worth it. If you purchase an outdoor office shed from Sunrise Structures, you’ll always have a budget-friendly place to conduct business.

  • No Commute Required: If you’re tired of commuting to work but are also worried about the drawbacks of working from home, an outdoor office shed could be perfect for you. These sheds provide a quiet, remote place for you to work without requiring a commute of any kind!
  • Great Space For Hobbyists: If you’re into woodworking, if you’re learning to play an instrument and are looking for a quiet place to record, or if you’re running out of room for your prized collection, a studio shed could make sense for you. Essentially an office shed built with specific hobbies in mind, Sunrise Structures can craft a custom studio shed that will fit your unique needs.
  • Can Add Value To Your Home’s Value: Large, well-maintained sheds can increase the value of your home! Check out our blog to learn how a shed can add to your home’s value and get ideas for what sort of shed might be the best fit for you.

If you’ve got a great home office idea, we’re sure to have a shed that can turn that idea into an ideal outdoor workspace. Get in touch with us today to begin a discussion about what you’re planning, and we’ll work to deliver a custom shed that fits the purpose you have in mind.

Best Backyard Office Shed Styles

Sheds come in many varieties, and it can be tough to decide which of the many office shed styles will be best for you. From appealing alpine sheds to spacious classic studio dormers, we’re guaranteed to set you up with a backyard office shed that can easily be turned into your new office space. Here are a few quality shed models we would most recommend for that purpose:

  • Classic Cottage
  • A-Frame Dormer
  • Alpine Shed
  • Classic A-Frame Dormer
  • Classic Studio Dormer
  • Custom Classic Cottage

Easily customized to match your outdoor space, our sheds combine style and practicality to create an awesome addition to any property. Head over to our sheds page to check out our many models and get a feel for the many customization options we offer.

How Much Does An Office Shed Cost?

The cost of a backyard office shed can fluctuate quite a bit based on the size and the price of certain construction materials. There’s no definite way to determine how much an office shed costs without examining specifics, but, in general, smaller sheds can cost as little as five thousand dollars, while larger, more lavish sheds can cost more than ten thousand dollars. An office shed’s cost can also be driven up by extras that some owners choose to add themselves like insulation, drywall, and electric.

The best way to know how much an office shed costs would be to get a quote from Sunrise Structures. Tell us about the kind of shed you’d like to have, and we’ll give you a breakdown of exactly what the price will be.

Sunrise Structures Can Set You Up With The Perfect Backyard Office Shed!

If you’ve come up with some innovative home office ideas and are hoping to create your own outdoor workspace, Sunrise Structures has you covered! With an amazing selection of customizable sheds, the exterior office space of your dreams could soon be a reality! Feel free to reach out to us via our contact page to get started on a shed that could totally change the way you work!

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