Popular Prefab Two Car Garage Ideas

Discover the endless possibilities of these popular prefab two car garage ideas and benefits in today’s Sunrise Structures blog. These garages are not just practical solutions for vehicle storage; they’re also incredibly versatile, offering potential spaces for workshops, home gyms, or even guest quarters. In today’s Sunrise Structures blog, we explore a range of popular garage accessories that will enhance the modern two car garage’s performance and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re looking to protect your vehicles, increase your property value, or expand your living space, our guide to prefab two car garages will provide you with inspiration and practical tips to make the most of your investment.

popular prefab two car garage idea as a pool house or guest house

Modern Prefab Garages: Build Up & Build Out

Oftentimes, one-bay garages aren’t enough for homeowners who have families with larger storage needs. By building out or building up, you are increasing the functionality of the garage and adding space that can be used for future purposes as your family’s needs change and grow.

A popular modern prefab garage dimension is 24’ x 24’, providing a wide layout that can accommodate two garage doors.

Many homeowners are transforming modern two car garages into efficient home offices, secluded art studios, or vibrant workout rooms, enhancing their daily living without the complexities of traditional home expansions. Additionally, these units can function as additional living quarters, offering a private retreat for guests or a comfortable space for multigenerational living. Discover the benefits of building up and building out with your modern prefab garage:

  1. Increased Space Efficiency: Building up by adding a second story to your prefab two car garage, maximizing the use of vertical space on smaller properties where expanding outward is not feasible.
  2. Enhanced Property Value: Adding a second story or expanding a 2 car garage design can significantly increase your property’s market value. These additions make the garage more appealing to potential buyers who value extra space for parking or versatile use, leading to a better return on investment.
  3. Potential for Rental Income: A prefab two car garage with an upper level can be designed as an apartment or studio, providing an opportunity for rental income or a private space for guests or extended family.


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backyard view of small two car detached garage on residential property

2 Car Garage Ideas: Accessories for Enhanced Functionality

Transform your two-car garage into a multi-functional haven with the addition of performance-enhancing accessories. Some 2 car garage design idea additions that individuals enjoy including into their custom build are:

  • Gable Overhangs: Not only do gable overhangs add a finished look to the 2 car prefab garage, but they help regulate temperature by providing shade on sunny days. They are designed to shield the garage from the rain and snow.
  • Ramps: They enhance safety by reducing the risk of tripping at the threshold and protect the garage’s foundation by diverting water away from the entrance. Also, ramps make it easier to move heavy items in and out of the garage.
  • Door Pins: They work by locking the door securely to the frame, making them an ideal 2 car garage design security feature.
  • Wood Corners: These elements reinforce the junctions between 2 car prefab garage walls, increasing durability against weather and wear. Aesthetically, wood corners provide a classic, finished look that can be painted or stained to complement your home’s exterior.
  • Gable Vents: They improve air circulation by reducing buildup of heat and moisture, protecting stored items from damage, and deterring mold and mildew growth, thus maintaining a healthier environment inside the modern prefab garage.
  • Transom Windows Above Double Doors: These windows illuminate the interior, making the space feel more welcoming and easier to navigate. Additionally, they add an architectural detail that elevates the overall aesthetic of the garage’s exterior.
  • Arched Double or Single Doors: Their unique shape not only enhances the visual aesthetics but also increases the entryway’s height, making it easier to move large items in and out of the prefab two car garage.


detached two car garage with white door and gray siding with cement driveway


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