4 Traits of the Best Garage Builders

In the competitive world of construction, great garage builders distinguish themselves through a blend of expertise, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Professional builders approach each project with a deep understanding of the craft, seamlessly integrating technical knowledge with an artistic vision. Their work goes beyond mere construction; it embodies the creation of functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces that enhance both the utility and value of a property. In today’s Sunrise Structure’s blog, we will outline the key traits that set great garage builders apart from their competitors and important questions you should ask before you buy a garage.

Before You Buy a Garage, Ask These 4 Questions

When selecting a garage builder, it is essential to ask specific questions to ensure that your needs and expectations are met. Ask these questions before you buy a garage so that you can gather facts that will better inform your decision-making:

  1. Do you offer custom dimensions & layouts?  – Garage builders that offer custom dimensions and layouts make it easier for the customer’s unique needs and preferences to be met. An accurate and honest quote will be presented once your custom design and layout is defined.
  2. Am I able to choose the building materials? – Durable building materials that professional garage builders work with are vinyl, wood, aluminum, and asphalt shingles. Each material is selected for its strength, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, professional builders should offer various finishes and treatments to ensure your garage not only looks great but also withstands the elements.
  3. Can I add a second story to the garage? – Builders who offer customized layouts should include multi-story garages as part of their services. They should work closely with you to ensure that the second story meets all your desires while adhering to local building codes and regulations. This addition can significantly enhance the utility and value of your property.
  4. Do you offer delivery and on-site assembly services? – Builders who offer delivery and on-site assembly services prioritize customer satisfaction, because they want to ensure that your customized structure arrives in perfect condition and is situated on the property without error. If you opt for a non-prefab garage, the structure could be assembled on your property if the builder allows for it.

The answers to these four questions will reveal the best garage builders and the extent of their capabilities.

Consider asking about these additional features before you buy a garage:

  • Windows & Door Styles
  • Shutter Color & Design
  • Access Ramps
  • Gable Vents & Overhang Options
  • Lofts & Shelves
  • Wood Corners

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cement cinder block frame of detached garage construction


Answers from Car Garage Builders & Specialized Industry Experts

While there are many conventional garage builders in the industry, there are few who have experience building niche and specialized spaces. From being car garage builders to crafting garages as pottery studios, Sunrise Structures’ builder traits will better inform you before you buy a garage.

Discover 4 key traits that set our car garage builders apart from conventional builders:

  1. While our builders offer custom plans and layouts, a standard detached two car garage comes in 24×24 dimensions. Sometimes it is wise to use the industry standard dimensions as a starting point and customize from there.
  2. Customers can select building materials, but we typically use vinyl for garage siding due to its durability. It’s a low maintenance and high performing material that is impermeable to rot, mold, termites, and other common problems that wood experiences.
  3. Customers who buy a garage with the intended end use as a workshop space often add a second story for extra storage space or an increased operational area. It enhances the functionality of the garage, giving you a larger area to work or entertain.
  4. Our car garage builders and shed builders can deliver pre-assembled or assemble structures on your property. Whether the structure is pre-assembled or not depends on its size and dimensions

detached olive green garage with multiple beige doors and two levels


Contact the Amish Garage Builders at Sunrise Structures!

Since 1999, Sunrise Structures has crafted garages, sheds, loft sheds, and cupolas for customers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our Amish garage builders and car garage builders customize these structures according to your unique specifications – perfect for car enthusiasts who need additional vehicle storage, carpenters who need workshop and utility space, and more. Select the size, style, material, and features to create an attached or detached garage layout that meets your needs. When you buy a garage from Sunrise Structures, you are receiving high-quality Amish craftsmanship and an excellent customer service experience. Buy a garage online from Sunrise Structures today!

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